Make amazing coffee, every dang time.

Bean Beast helps you create amazing coffee by allowing you to keep track of the recipes, ratings, and beans you like best.

Bean Beast coffee recipe app features:

  • Recipes — Add your favorite coffee recipes and keep track of all the brew parameters. (Grind, dose, temperature, etc)
  • Equipment — Have multiple grinders or espresso machines? No problem; you can specify which one you used for each recipe.
  • Beans & Roasters — Add your various beans and roasters to keep everything nice and organized, and see recipes for a specific bean.
  • Bean Ratings — Do you ever struggle to remember exactly what you thought of a specific bean that you *know* you've had before? Fret not; you can just look at your previous rating for it 🙂

Bean Beast is compatible with all coffee brew methods: espresso, pour-over, aeropress, french press, and more.

Bean Beast is under active development and I'm working to polish and add more features. To see my development roadmap, you can visit

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